As the teams of the Tower Rodeo become finalized, it is important to get to know them.

Tower Rodeo ChallengersOne team participating in the event will include Bob Chaffin and Dave Petit from US Towers. Bob Chaffin has been in the industry for over 12 years. Chaffin knew he wanted to join the challenge when he first heard about it last year. While Chaffin was rigging a tower years ago, he discovered rescue is a tedious and long job even with a rescue plan, equipment and gear prepared. He wanted to be a part of the Tower Rodeo to learn and challenge himself. Unfortunately, Chaffin applied too late to become a challenger last year, but that is why n this year’s 2021 Tower Rodeo Challenge he is ready to make his debut along with his partner, Dave Petit. Dave Petit has worked in the cell tower industry for nearly 10 years and has proven himself successful in every position in telecom from the field to the office. He and Chaffin have years of experience working together at US Telecom Services and will prove that they and so many other teams are forces to be reckoned with at the Tower Rodeo Challenge, December 4th and 5th in
Phoenix Arizona