2020 Defending World Challengers

Christopher Feder and Kevin Swan

2021 Tower Rodeo Teams

1. Christopher Feder/Kevin Swan

2. Micah Rush/ Eric Christensen

3. Dylan Hartzell/William Henry

4. John Bailey/James Murphy

5. Bob Chafin/Dave Petit

6. Cody Garrison/Robert Moulton

7. Logan Hughes / Kevin Debes

2021 Judges

  1. Dale Stewart ( Head Judge)
  2. Russ Dodge
  3. Dean Graffam
  4. Jeremiah Purdue
  5. Manny Lujan
  6. Bruce Blythe
  7. Robert McKenzie
  8. Anthony Lutz
  9. Ryan Cox
  10. Tim Bussey
  11. Zach Shaw

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