The tower industry has a new event to look forward to:

The Tower Industry Challenge. Produced and developed by Tower Safety CEO Kathy Gill, the idea is to bring a community together of two-person teams to see who is #1 for rescue and rigging skills. Dubbed the “TRx Challenge 2020,” the “tower rodeo” will be held in Phoenix, AZ December 3rd and 4th, at Gill’s Tower Safety Training facility. All TRx Challenge scenarios are designed to educate and teach goals that require different skill sets.“The TRx Challenge is meant for the tower and industrial rope access worker to enhance their safety and skill in a safe, efficient, and timely manner,” Gill told Inside Towers. “We are excited to introduce the first Tower Rodeo Challenge (TRx Challenge) and look forward to community involvement while raising the bar in excellence for team and personal performance.”Gill said the TRx Challenge meets the annual rescue practice requirements of OSHA CFR 1910 and OSHA CFR 1926, ANSI 10.48, and ANSI z359 while providing industry practical events in two different categories.

Miss Rodeo Arizona is a proud sponsor of the Tower Rodeo Challenge.

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