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The third annual Tower Rodeo Challenge on December 2nd and 3rd at the Tower Safety training facility conveniently located at 3212 S. 36th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040.

The Tower Rodeo Challenge is designed to unite 2 person teams competing in a World Champion Challenge that includes integrated rescue, knots, mechanical advantages and rigging skills. Fostering realistic problem-solving scenarios during the 2 day event.

The Tower Rodeo Challenge is specifically designed to meet the annual rescue practice requirements of OSHA CFR 1910 and OSHA CFR 1926, ANSI 10.48, and ANSI z359 while integrating challenging and practical learning events.

  • Spectator registration is available. (You will need a seat… need the whole seat… just the EDGE!)

  • The event is limited to Seven (7) teams.

  • Make plans to attend and join us for fun and learning at the 2022 Tower Rodeo

  • For further information about the benefits of the Tower Rodeo Challenge please call us at 480-313-0678 and join our family of skilled professionals for the December 2022 Tower Rodeo Challenge.

All Tower Rodeo Challenge scenarios are designed specifically as educational rescue and rigging skills.

2022 Tower Rodeo Challenge for the Cell Tower Industry December 2nd-3rd

See You in 2022

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