Kathy Gill, CEO of Tower Safety and Rescue, yesterday announced dates for the second annual Tower Rodeo in Phoenix, AZ. The event, a series of tower climbing and rescue challenges pitting tower industry techs versus fire and rescue teams will take place December 3-4. Gill said she will be adding new challenges and expanding the field to six teams competing at her tower safety training facility. The 2020 highlight reel recently released, showcases the two-day event. To register, click here.

Registration for the event begins April 1 and ends July 1 for the two-person teams. The cost per team is $100.00. Between July 4 and October 1, the team names will be posted with the winner claiming the title of 2021 World Champions. Fire and rescue veterans from Philadelphia, PA, Chris Feder and Kevin Swan, will be defending their 2020 Tower Rodeo World champions title.